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Kim Kardashian and Ray J Tape Now

Kim Kardashian is no doubt one of the prominent personalities in Hollywood today, thanks to reality television Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the California society pages that keep on featuring her, her very wealthy family, and of course, the Kim Kardashinan sex tape that brought her popularity to a global level.

What makes people want to want Kim’s sex tape is her celebrity status itself. A hot, sexy, attractive, and rich, lady, Kim is the daughter of two influential figures in California-Los Angeles attorney Robert, who played a significant role in the O.J. Simpson trial, and socialite Kris Houghton. When school was over, Kim became an executive in her father’s business Movie Tunes, one of the top companies working on promotions of the biggest Hollywood musical artists.

Before the Kardashinan sex tape surfaced, Kim underwent failure in her initial career. Having not succeeded enough in the business that her father had given her, she attempted making a name in the interior design industry. Her creative work in Hilton’s humongous closet space gained media attention and was received well by local fashion and interior designers. In this mob she met the blues music artist Ray J who became her steady boyfriend. Kim Kardashian became a top searched word in major search engines. Kardashian sex tape opened a lot of Hollywood doors to Kim. A few months later, she won a gig on the show Dancing with the Stars.

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